Hey there!

I'm Dan Domer

I’m a graphic & web designer based in northeast Ohio. I have a some pretty awesome problem solving skills and a unique way of developing my communication across many types of media from graphic design, to video, or even photography. I am an export in emotion and the conveyance of it through what I create.

My Career so far

Though I am early in my career I have some pretty vast knowledge across a variety of different mediums of design. I am a problem solver and a passionate learner.

Graphic Design
UI/UX Design


Communication, Graphic Design, Web Design, Adobe Creative Suite Ambassador, UI/UX Design, Back-end development, Photography, Film Director, Project Direction, Creative, Problem-Solver, Event Management, Leader, Professional, Marketing, 3D Modelling, Illustration and so much more.


My native language is English, in both writing and oral communications I am an expert and would consider myself a great communication and illustrator of ideas with my oral and written language skills.

On top of this I know a bit of Spanish and Italian, probably half as much as I should but enough for some small conversation and ability to understand the written part of the language.

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