Akron Foundry Company

Graphic & Web Design
Project Overview
A major rebrand for the company Akron Foundry, where the goal was to completely redo their branding and establish a new look and feel that valued the history of the company while revolutionizing their space in the industry.
My Contributions
I was the sole designer for this project, from concept through buildout.
The University of Akron
Aug 2016 - May 2022
When I started working on this project during my time at Akron University undergraduate graphic design program; I had to start from scratch. For this company; a major rebranding was the goal. Their previous brand had not provided for this company’s unique identity; nor its abilities to be separated from other like businesses. This company has revolutionized their industry and the company’s long history has made them a unique and relevant company in todays forged and milled products. I chose the Viking to show the strength and history as a pillar of Akron. Often, we feel there is a need to go big or go home, but I chose a more minimal approach in order to showcase their top end milled products and abilities as a company.