Martian Mac & Cheese

Packaging Design
Project Overview
The intent of this project was to create a series of packages for different types of mac and cheese that vary on shape and type of cheese
My Contributions
I was the sole designer for this project, from concept through buildout.
The University of Akron
Aug 2016 - May 2022
I created this project during my undergraduate degree at the University of Akron. The project was to create a series of packaging for any product we wanted to choose. My motivation for this project stems from my absolute love of Mac & Cheese. I have created my own unique recipes at home for Mac & Cheese and quite honestly, they can beat anyone else’s recipes out there; hands down. I created a series of packages for various types of mac and cheese which depended on the shape of the pasta to the type of cheese or cheeses being utilized, which would be denoted on the packaging label by a symbol and color. This made-up company Martian and their new line of mac & cheese products will be hitting the shelves soon. By utilizing the packaging that I used; I am able to maintain cost effectiveness and mass production while still maintaining a quality product for an all-American favorite meal.