Graphic Design & Packaging
Project Overview
The intent of creating the mark and package for Pimiento was to show and illustrate a high end molcajete for a consumer of kitchen utensils and a regard for good quality delivery on those items. The goal in creating this was identify a niche utensil that has not been as actively sold and create a package that would incentivize consumers to use this and so included there are some samples of spices that you could use with this tool.
My Contributions
I was the sole designer for this project, from concept through buildout.
The University of Akron
Aug 2016 - May 2022
When we think of high-end kitchens, we imagine the kitchen design such as countertops, cabinets, flooring, appliances and lighting. But we often forget to think about the actual utensils of the kitchen. My intent for this project was to bring focus to the kitchen utensils we utilize to create our gourmet meals. The molcajete is not often included it what we consider the essential kitchen tools we so often use. By identifying a niche utensil and creating a unique high-end packaging we draw the consumer into wanting to use the tool. I created the branding mark and packaging for Pimiento to enable the display of a high end molcajete. The packaging makes it easy to leave out as part of the design of the kitchen rather than getting stuffed away into a cabinet or drawer. I created this project during my time at the University of Akron for my undergraduate degree in graphic design and branding. My personal motivation for this project is in fact that I own and use this kitchen molcajete tool and package, and feel it is a great addition to my kitchen; or for that matter any kitchen.