Graphic Design
Project Overview
Reflections was one of the proposed Senior Show Exhibition from my graduating class, this idea focused on the introspection of the designer and the ability to see yourself in another even if the backgrounds and interests might differ.
My Contributions
I was the creative director for this project where I developed the mark and delegated tasks to my classmates on developing material for the proposal that we would give to the faculty of the design school.
The University of Akron
Aug 2016 - May 2022
This project was for our Senior Show Exhibition to display our collective and individual creative talents of our graduating class. Our ideas focused on introspection of the designers; but more importantly we wanted our display to reach outside viewers; and see themselves reflected back. Each of my classmates as well as myself, have our own unique backgrounds and interests, but we were able to move past this and develop a collective and inclusive project which reflected ourselves as individuals but also as a group. We bridged the gap to the outside world and those viewing our work the ability to see themselves as part of it. This Project was a great sendoff for myself and my classmates at the University – When we started on this project we had no idea that this would be our final exhibition; but by working collectively as a group of designers we all became much closer. Being the leader during this project provided me the experience of how to incorporate various elements of design as well as incorporating the individual ideas and thoughts of each of the designers into a cohesive project. I gained a great deal of knowledge and experience by leading others in the creative thought process which in turn allowed our work to connect with our outside community. This project was a fantastic opportunity for me and I could not be happier with the outcome.