Starbucks Annual Report

Graphic Design
Project Overview
The intent of the required annual report is to provide public disclosure of a company's operating and financial activities over the past year. The report is typically issued to shareholders and other stakeholders who use it to evaluate the firm's financial performance and to make the investment decisions.
My Contributions
I was the sole designer for this project, from concept through buildout.
The University of Akron
Aug 2016 - May 2022
This Project was created during my undergraduate degree at the University of Akron - for this project the focus was on creating an annual report; one of the least sexy things someone can design. But to make it sexy and represent the brand standards of that company in question. I chose starbucks because of the reason that they find themselves in a unique position as a company that has a wonderful branding team but a very corporate and boring annual report that strictly highlights what the companies numbers are and leave all of the diesgn choices at the door. WIth their branding they could more easily show and illustrate those same ideas in a more effective way and with this project my goal is to illustrate a way that they could acomplish this,